Pit Stop for Coffee: Kinfolk Studios


What do you do in Williamsburg when you’re hanging out in the East River State Park and it suddenly begins torrential¬†down pouring? The key is to get inside and get inside somewhere fast. The closest place for me was a place called Kinfolk Studios, a mix between a coffee shop and surf shop (?), which I noticed because the front was basically an opened garage door. I had to get something since I was going to be there for a while so I bought an iced coffee for $3.50. Painful. I tried to tell myself it was okay though because it was really strong. Kinfolk Studios seemed cool although the interior decor was slightly confusing. Wooden panels, palm trees, and seventies-style lighting fixtures make it look like a scene from Anchorman¬†or a mod Malibu bachelor pad, but the old chalkboard with the menu and the countless espresso machines scream Brooklyn. I’m not quite sure what the scene is like here not on a weekday when it’s full of people on their Mac Books, but from what I’m gathering on Yelp it looks like there is a DJ on weekends and I’m not sure how I feel about that. However, the more I watch Girls, the more curious I am about going back to Kinfolk Studios at a busier hour to see exactly what it’s all about.