BaubleBar Soho Event


Last night my friend and I went down to Soho for the BaubleBar career event co-hosted by The Daily Muse. Right now BaubleBar has a pop-up store in Soho, although I’m not sure how long it lasts. I’d been on the BaubleBar website before, but it was great to see their jewelry in person. There is a ton of cute stuff and it’s so inexpensive!! Well, not Forever 21-status inexpensive, but for someone who doesn’t like spending hundreds of dollars on jewelry I think they have some great deals. I didn’t see too many items, except for some customizable items, that were over $50. My friend and I checked out the jewelry, all whilst having Godiva cocktails (aka basically cups of plain chocolate flavored liquor – couldn’t finish that), and then shared some LOLs at the photo booth  Sorry, pictures from that are banned because they look like they’re from a fright festival. However, moral of the story: if you’re looking for some cool and fun accessories, check out BaubleBar!

IMG_4817 IMG_4813

The Shoes I Can’t Wear


What does each of these ladies have in common?

  1. They are all celebrities.
  2. They are all wearing ankle strap sandals.
  3. They all look good wearing ankle strap sandals.

I, unfortunately, possess none of these qualities. I spent weeks obsessing over ankle strap sandals. I really wanted a pair, and I spent my days envisioning all of the outfits that I would be able to wear. However, lesson learned – ankle-strap sandals actually look horrible on my feet. I have encountered this issue many times; shoe shopping for prom, my cousin’s wedding, and the list goes on. Apparently, I have a problem and it’s called wide feet. Everyone thinks it’s so adorable, making jokes about my “square” feet but it is actually the bane of my existence. Recently, I must have convinced myself that I don’t have square feet and I ordered a pair of strappy sandals from Piperlime. They looked SO fugly. I literally went to 100 shoe stores trying on shoes and every pair looked terrible. Basically, the front of my foot couldn’t squeeze into the front strap, making my feet look like mini sausages. Gross. And of course, in each store there was a girl next to me trying on the same shoe and they looked amazing. I even asked about wide shoe sizes and barely anyone makes them!! It is so rude! After days of feeling depressed I have finally given up the idea that I will own a pair of these babies but I won’t let that rain on my parade. I am determined to find a pair of similar shoes. Potentially ones with closed toes.

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Movie: The Great Gatsby

I saw The Great Gatsby last night in a packed theater in Union Square. After waiting 45 minutes in a rather long line, my friend and I managed to get pretty good seats that were almost as comfortable as my bed (shout out to Regal Cinemas! lol). Back to Gatsby. I had been waiting to see this movie for at least a year and a half. I was heartbroken when the release date was pushed back from December to May. I have to wait six more months??

The-Great-Gatsby-2013-Movie-Poster LIBRARY IMAGE OF THE GREAT GATSBY

I think it was well worth the wait. I know there are a lot of Gatsby – Baz Luhrmann edition haters out there, and my opinion is that if you didn’t go into this movie with an open mind, you were wasting your own time plus everyone else’s who had to hear your whining. My opinion of Gatsby didn’t really solidify until this morning when I woke up and it was still on my mind. Luhrmann’s take on Gatsby is as magical, dramatic, and heartbreaking as I found the book when I read it for the first time in high school. I loved the glamour, the fashion, and of course Leo. The film was casted perfectly and I thought the soundtrack (although modern day hip-hop) was an exciting touch. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Period. Watch the trailer here.

Met Gala 2013: Thoughts


Living on the Upper East Side,which has only been useful on the sunny days when I wanted to go to Central Park, nothing entertaining was really calling my name on a random Monday night. I decided why not casual swing by the Met Gala (since I was invited)? As I strolled towards the premises, I had some self doubt. Am I really taking part in this shameless celeb-stalking culture? Apparently so. I wedged myself into a prime location on the corner of 5th and 81st, right in front of the tent so I had a direct view inside. Looking around, I felt instantly more normal than everyone else. People were climbing on building scaffolding screaming, “MILEY!”, etc. and police officers were making threats left and right. How uncool and unsubtle. My self esteem dropped as I watched the likes of Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue, and Emmy Rossum smile and pose in glamorous dresses in front of the wall of photographers. Literally, if someone just gave me a chance I know I could be up there with them, instead of lurking amongst us poor peasants eagerly waiting a smile our way from Beyonce. Why. The desperation in the air was growing drastically, so I left. Maybe I’ll finally be discovered at next years Met Gala. Check out the pics below taken from my terrible iPhone camera! In case anyone is wondering, I did ponder taking my Canon, but I didn’t want to be any more pathetic. Although, maybe I could have snuck into the press section. Oh well, there’s always next year.

IMG_4270 IMG_4271

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity


Last weekend I went to the Met alone. It was a pretty dismal Saturday so I figured I might as well go to a museum before it started getting really nice. Also, I had been wanting to see the exhibition Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity for a while. I don’t know a whole lot about art (besides a few art history classes I took), but I love impressionism. I have enjoyed the last few fashion-y exhibits the Met did (McQueen and Prada/Schiaparelli) and this one was great as well. Pictures weren’t allowed but you can check out images here. If you’re in New York you should definitely go. It runs until May 27th.

IMG_4093 IMG_4094