My Summer Bucket List

The summer always seems to fly by (too quickly in my opinion) and this year I want to make an effort to do some things that I’ve been planning to do. It’s already almost July so I better get on it! I’m a list maker – it keeps me organized at my job and in life. I can be kind of scattered in my thoughts so lists help me focus on my priorities and things that I want to do. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do all the things I really want to do this summer, but I tried to narrow it down to the top ideas. It will be fun to check back in at the end of the summer and cross off what I did.

Bucket List: 

  • Visit Coney Island. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Coney Island, but I’ve lived here over three years now and still haven’t been. This is a top item on my list – I need to go and formulate my own opinion.
  • Make a pie from scratch. Pie crust has always been intimidating to me. How does the crust get so buttery and crispy? I think I’ve done enough research by now, and I made a Triple Berry Galette over the weekend which gave me some practice!
  • Try Stumptown’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Apparently this nitro infused cold brew is the new coffee trend. It’s fizzy and has a creamy finish. I’m intrigued. Well I’m at it I also want to try the Stumptown Cold Brew Tonic that uses cherry. More creative iced coffee drinks here
  • Go for a run over the Brooklyn Bridge. I would have to do this super early in the morning before it gets packed with tourists.
  • Eat crab at the beach. Ever since I saw pictures on Instagram of Brooklyn Crab in Redhook I have been dying to do this. I’ve been looking for places on the Connecticut shore, Rhode Island and Cape Cod but can’t find any. If anyone has a recommendation please let me know! 
  • Try boxing! After watching a video of Gigi Hadid boxing, I’ve been wanting to try this, even though I know I would be hilariously terrible. It just seems like a new and fun way to exercise. My friend boxes during the week on the Hudson River Park so I’m hoping to go with her one week.
  • Eat pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Drooling. Do I need to have a reason to want to go here? I’m on a pie-high. 
  • Become better at photography. I already know that I take a ton of photos, but I want to focus on taking higher quality photos and really learning how to use the features on my cameras. 

Weekend of Ice Cream

If I had to define this past weekend, it would essentially be defined by the amount of ice cream that my sister and I consumed. She came to visit for a long weekend so naturally I had a bunch of activities in mind. Luckily, we both agreed that it would involve eating, wandering around, and watching Orange is the New Black. On Thursday and Friday (since I clearly hadn’t gotten enough of them last weekend) I dragged Molly back to Blue Marble Ice Cream and Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe.

On Saturday we walked over the Manhattan Bridge, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve done the Brooklyn Bridge a few times but I had always heard about the great views from the less popular bridge. They didn’t disappoint! The other highlight of the weekend was finally going to Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in the Lower East Side. I had the salted pretzel caramel ice cream, which was a tad on the salty side (normally I like salty ice creams with just a hint of salt). My sister had that too but also mixed it with angel food ice cream which I think cut the saltiness a bit. Morgenstern’s has such interesting flavors and I can’t wait to go back and try green tea pistachio, raw milk, and blueberry labne. Molly and I finished the weekend off with dinner at Henry Public and a delicious and tangy cocktail. I hope everyone has a great week!


Processed with VSCOcam with e1 presetIt’s no secret that I like doughnuts, but lately all of the doughnuts I have been eating have one thing in common. They are from Dough Brooklyn, a small shop in Bed-Stuy. While I haven’t been to the real Dough location, they outsource their doughnuts everywhere from Smorgasburg, to Gasoline Alley Coffee in the East Village, to AP Cafe in Bushwick. With flavors like hibiscus, coconut, and dulce de leche, these are the real deal and Dough has completely re-shaped how I think about doughnuts. And since it’s also no secret that I like taking pictures of food, here are some photos of the Dough doughnuts.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

Restaurant: Buvette

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I never really considered myself a fan of French food, but after having been to Buvette twice, I have definitely come around. Buvette is a tiny, bustling restaurant in the West Village with an open kitchen behind the bar. Both times I went were for brunch, but I have heard that dinner is great as well, and that they have amazing cheese spreads. The second time I went I had a Croque Madame – perfectly cheesy and crunchy with freshly sliced proscuitto. Buvette also serves espresso based coffee (something I think is a plus) and their cappuccino is amazing. They also have an amazing Instagram account. If you don’t mind a crowd, and possibly a wait, I definitely recommend Buvette!

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Sunday Afternoons


Despite what I had hoped, last week wasn’t very relaxing with all of the traveling. I also got sick when I arrived back in New York. Just my luck. Luckily, I laid low over the weekend. My parents came on Saturday and after a long bike ride in Central Park we had lunch at Frank, which is actually a sister restaurant to Supper (see my previous post).  Instead of beans, they serve a delicious bowl of olives. On Sunday I read at Bluebird Coffee Shop in the East Village. If you’re looking for a cozy, friendly coffee place, I definitely recommend.


{new artwork on 2nd street}


{colorful plates and bowls}


{pretty magazines}

Summertime Sadness: Inspired by the One and Only, Lana Del Rey


Ok, so Lana Del Rey didn’t really inspire this but when I think about the fact that it’s already the last week of August and that Labor Day weekend is mere days away, I feel kind of sad. Not to say that I’m dreading the fall, because I think it’s one of the best times in NYC, but it’s a downer realizing that the season I waited months for is dwindling to an end. Enough with the sap. Here are some pictures of a trip I recently took to Rhode Island (my only beach vacation all summer; how depressing) that mostly consisted of me sitting on the beach (duh), reading a billion magazines, and eating all the seafood in sight. I can officially say that I have shucked my own oysters! I have also seen Taylor Swift’s massive Watch Hill mansion, not to brag or anything lolol. But aside from these accomplishments, the trip was great and it was nice to get away for some R&R. Enjoy the last week of August!

Note: Discovered Dave’s Coffee, a craft roaster in Mass. and RI, that has the coolest coffee and coffee products!IMG_2462IMG_2470IMG_2478IMG_5308IMG_5377IMG_5378IMG_5379IMG_5380IMG_5381IMG_5382IMG_5383IMG_5384