New Phone, New Case


I ordered the iPhone 5s when it came out a couple weeks ago and I’m desperately awaiting its arrival later this month. Of course, since I’m upgrading from the 4, it means that I’m going to need a new case too. Personally, I think that iPhone cases say a lot about you. Do you opt for the regular case that’s on sale in the store? Do you go with actual protection (i.e. the Otterbox)? Do you have one of those animal-shaped cases? I’ve discovered that Society6 is an awesome website for phone cases (along with prints, Mac cases, stretched canvases, etc.) so with my impending new phone I’ve been spending a lot of time perusing the website for different options. I definitely want something that’s fun, but I am so torn! There are too many to choose from! Here are some of my top picks so far. iphone1iphone3iphone5iphone6iphone7iphone8

{images via Society6}


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