Restaurant: The Donut Pub


I wouldn’t exactly call The Donut Pub a restaurant, but if donuts are your thing this is the place for you. I happened upon it on my way to see a Banksy and since I’ve been having a fanatical craving for donuts lately I had to go in. The inside looks like an old school diner and there are dozens of donut flavors to choose from, including a deal where you can get a donut and a coffee for about $2.00. I went for a classic chocolate sprinkle donut that was crispy, fluffy, and one of the best choices I made all day.

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Restaurant: Murray’s Cheese Bar


I love the Murray’s location at Grand Central Market so my friends and I have been wanting to try the new Cheese Bar location in Greenwich Village for a while. Finally, we went for happy hour and it was amazing. The deal is 10$ cheese flights (aka three cheese and pairings) and 2$ off of drafts and wine. I can’t remember exactly what the names of the cheeses were but the gouda paired with the caramel spread was delicious. We also had a sheep (maybe) cheese paired with pickled carrots and a brie with apricot jam. I loved the cool interior and I can’t wait to go back for brunch – or just more cheese! P.S. If you’re looking for a great cheese to try, I recommend La Tur.


Banksy in New York


Banksy is doing a residency in New York for the month of October so I had been waiting for the moment where I would finally be able to see one of his works in person. Unfortunately, most of them have been getting defaced rather quickly so I haven’t had much luck. That is until today, when I casually checked the Banksy NY website and saw that he had just posted a new one in TriBeCa. Naturally, I used my lunch break to rush downtown and found a crowd of people hovered over the tiny spray painting of the New York skyline and the Twin Towers. It was a total frenzy and people were taking zillions of photos (including myself). I even super-awkwardly asked a girl to take a photo of me with the graffiti. I’m going to make an effort to continue looking for more of his stuff while he’s here, so check back!


Instagram Coasters on Etsy!


Guess what!? I am now selling my Instagram coasters on Etsy. They are categorized into different themes and sold in sets of four for $20. They will be a purchase you won’t regret – enhancing any table scape, looking amazing underneath your drink, and lightening up the room in general! Check them out on my Etsy page. This page can also be accessed from the Chatterbox homepage.