Restaurant: Supper


I cannot handle Supper. It is so amazingly amazing that I feel like I have died and gone to heaven each time I finish a meal there. ¬†And the BEANS! I can’t stop talking or thinking about the beans. After trying countless times to replicate the Supper beans (and coming pretty close) there is still nothing like them. I need to know the secret recipe. Alright, back to Supper. Wait, wasn’t I already talking about Supper? Ok. Supper is a small Italian restaurant in the East Village, but I still have yet to order anything off of their official Italian menu (besides the beans, which are complementary, and the cappuccino). Every time I go to Supper I go for brunch (3 for 1 drinks!!), but trust me, supper is eventually a goal! Supper revolutionized the way I thought about breakfast. Typically, I am an eggs benedict kind of girl. Growing up, I always felt like carby breakfasts (pancakes, waffles, etc.) were sub-par. I hated when they were overly drenched in maple syrup and became a soggy mess. That was until I had the pancakes at Supper. Supremely crispy yet moist, topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries, and bananas, and lightly drizzled with sweet maple syrup, these pancakes brought me to food paradise. Next time back at Supper, I knew I had to skip the eggs and go for the next sweet item: French toast. Let’s just say the French toast was on another level of brunch deliciousness. You’ll have to go and see for yourself.


Reflections on Nail Art


I’m someone who needs to have my nails painted at all times. If I don’t have nail polish on, I feel naked. Luckily, I have a pretty big collection of Essie and O.P.I., so I don’t need to get manicures that often. Despite this, sometimes I get bored of all my nail polish and I need to try something new. Enter nail art. After seeing this picture, via Lo Bosworth’s Instagram, I went on a wild craze and decided that I finally needed to try nail art myself. All afternoon I sat thinking anxiously about the options ahead of me and as soon as I got out of work I sprinted to the closest Duane Reade. Although my true desire was to do something that looked like Emily’s of Cupcakes and Cashmere, pictured below, my spur of the moment decision and lack of funds left me with Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Later I found out that this is what Lo used so I was extra joyous. The pattern I used is called Spring Fever, but I can’t find it on the Sally Hanson website. Sephora has some great patterns as well. Applying the nail stickers was super easy. I just fit them to my nails and filed the rest off so that they fit perfectly. The stickers also didn’t chip for almost a week, but taking them off was rather difficult. Since the stickers are actually made from nail polish I used nail polish removed and about a century later, only a few spots of residue remained. Despite the struggle that it took to remove the stickers, I would definitely use them again when I’m feeling the need to jazz up my day.


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Summertime Sadness: Inspired by the One and Only, Lana Del Rey


Ok, so Lana Del Rey didn’t really inspire this but when I think about the fact that it’s already the last week of August and that Labor Day weekend is mere days away, I feel kind of sad. Not to say that I’m dreading the fall, because I think it’s one of the best times in NYC, but it’s a downer realizing that the season I waited months for is dwindling to an end. Enough with the sap. Here are some pictures of a trip I recently took to Rhode Island (my only beach vacation all summer; how depressing) that mostly consisted of me sitting on the beach (duh), reading a billion magazines, and eating all the seafood in sight. I can officially say that I have shucked my own oysters! I have also seen Taylor Swift’s massive Watch Hill mansion, not to brag or anything lolol. But aside from these accomplishments, the trip was great and it was nice to get away for some R&R. Enjoy the last week of August!

Note: Discovered Dave’s Coffee, a craft roaster in Mass. and RI, that has the coolest coffee and coffee products!IMG_2462IMG_2470IMG_2478IMG_5308IMG_5377IMG_5378IMG_5379IMG_5380IMG_5381IMG_5382IMG_5383IMG_5384

Thursday Montage

I tend to take a lot of pictures everywhere I go, which is both a good and bad attribute of mine. A lot of times when I look at my pictures, I like to group them together to embody an event, but sometimes I’ll go somewhere and just have one photo. I’ve decided to embrace these random photos and looking at them now, I think they make a quirky combination!IMG_5209

{A delicious coconut donut from Dough I had at Smorgasburg DUMBO}


{Lights at DT-UT}


{View of the Freedom Tower}


{Cute cacti at Chelsea Market}


{First time for everything}


{Blueberries at Union Square Greenmarket}


{Yellow tomatoes}


{Amazing rooftop pool!}


{Back to School and Grand Central Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery}

Recipe: Summer Tomato Salad


Last weekend I went to the Union Square Greenmarket and picked up some colorful cherry and grape tomatoes. I just love the different color variations of fresh summer tomatoes. They were definitely overpriced (at $5.00 a pint) but clearly worth it, ever since I saw Bon Appetit’s recipe for this sliced tomato salad. Later that night I chopped up the tomatoes into quarters and halves, cut up some fresh basil, and added some mozzarella. I tossed the mixture with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a dash of balsamic. Result = heaven.