In Beantown Again


I went to Boston two weekends ago for work so naturally, I spent a lot of time exploring and going to any good food place I could get my hands on. Confession: I hit up J.P. Licks twice. However, no food regrets is my motto so I haven’t thought much about the implications since. Given this thought, let’s jump straight to the food.

1. I went to the South End for the first time to a cute breakfast place called South End Buttery where I had delicious oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries.

2. Tico, a Spanish/Mediterranean tapas place in Back Bay where they have amazing lobster tacos, stuffed figs, roasted beets, you name it.

3. Panificio in Beacon Hill. I had a Caesar salad that had sun dried tomatoes in it for a tangy twist.

4. Toscanini’s Ice Cream in Cambridge has really unique flavors (Yes, I actually got ice cream three times).  I had Vienna finger cookie ice cream and a cherry flavor that I am somehow not seeing on the menu right now.

Other than the food and working a lot, I got to explore a lot of new neighborhoods. I can’t wait to go back!


Mrs. Carter World Tour


The Beyonce concert on Friday was one of the most amazing and unreal experiences I have ever had. And I am not exaggerating. Queen Bey was in her truest fierce form and I am struggling to put  how I felt during the concert into words, but I feel like I am having a panic attack with joy when I look at the pic above (taken by my friend). Seeing Beyonce was like having a religious experience. She looked and sounded so amazing all while dancing nonstop and changing into a dozen shiny and fabulous outfits that were each better than the next. Everyone danced and sang along with her in true BFF form and she brought the house down, shining like a beacon of awesomeness. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we hang! More later after I have let this settle.

Restaurant: Rosarito Fish Shack


Rosarito Fish Shack is the perfect blend between Mexican and seafood. I noticed the restaurant on my way to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg one day. I’m a sucker for anything nautical themed (i.e. the bathroom in my apartment) so I instantly noticed the buoys and driftwood placed by the door. Luckily, the inside was just as nautical and I especially loved the exposed oyster and lobster bar. I went for brunch on a weekday (yay summer Fridays!), which was lucky for me because the happy hour there during the week is from 11 AM-7 PM. It’s 2 for 1 sangria, margaritas, drafts, and OYSTERS!!! We got a fabulous quesadilla, burrito, and then some sangria and oysters, obviously. Note: the sour cream was amazingly delicious. I’m a sour cream fanatic so I know when it tastes bad/good. Anyways, since I went on a random weekday it was kind of dead (in a nice, relaxing way) but I would love to go back on a weekend because from what I’ve seen it looks like it’s hoppin’!! Rosarito Fish Shack is perfect for a summer afternoon – a definitely must-go in my book.


DIY: Coffee Table Tray


We had lunch from Le Pain Quotidien at work a few months ago and I took the plywood tray that held the desserts back home with me. The wood was a really cheap material but I figured I could turn it into some sort of better looking tray for almost no cost. I primed the tray to help reinforce the wood, and then painted it a light sea foam green that I mixed from my own paint collection. I finished the edges with some gold paint so it looked a bit more polished and then sealed the tray again. It was so easy and I can’t wait to use it for appetizers. Plus, it didn’t cost any money!


My Weekend As Told Through Ice Cream


This weekend was apparently the weekend of No Self Control because it centered around the gloriousness of ice cream. Maybe it was the exhausting heat that brought on the craving so badly. While meandering around the West Village as it started to rain, I spotted the CoolHaus truck. I had been dying to try a CoolHaus ice cream sandwich for years and never got around to it. A sense that I needed this swiftly took over my brain and I waltzed over to the truck and ordered a chipwich with peanut butter ice cream and snickerdoodle cookies. Best. Decision. Ever. Nothing could hide my joy, even as it started to rain, as I ate the sandwich like a lunatic on a bench. Apparently even that couldn’t hold me over, because on Sunday I found myself taking the subway down to the East Village with the sole purpose of hitting up Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. An artisan ice cream store with exotic flavors such as cinnamon, earl grey, and palm sugar, Van Leeuwen had also been on my to-d0 list for a while now. And what was holding me back from going there? Nothing. I happily treated myself to a two-scoop cup of their creamy espresso and vanilla (that is made with bourbon and vanilla bean) ice creams. Needless to say, I think I have had my fare share of ice cream for a while, but if you’re ever looking for some spot-on ice cream these two places are definitely the way to go.