BaubleBar Soho Event


Last night my friend and I went down to Soho for the BaubleBar career event co-hosted by The Daily Muse. Right now BaubleBar has a pop-up store in Soho, although I’m not sure how long it lasts. I’d been on the BaubleBar website before, but it was great to see their jewelry in person. There is a ton of cute stuff and it’s so inexpensive!! Well, not Forever 21-status inexpensive, but for someone who doesn’t like spending hundreds of dollars on jewelry I think they have some great deals. I didn’t see too many items, except for some customizable items, that were over $50. My friend and I checked out the jewelry, all whilst having Godiva cocktails (aka basically cups of plain chocolate flavored liquor – couldn’t finish that), and then shared some LOLs at the photo booth  Sorry, pictures from that are banned because they look like they’re from a fright festival. However, moral of the story: if you’re looking for some cool and fun accessories, check out BaubleBar!

IMG_4817 IMG_4813


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