Restaurant: Cafe Colette


Confession: I came across this place by accident. I was wandering around Williamsburg with my boyfriend and I had to go to the bathroom so badly that we just stood at the intersection of Berry St. and N. 9th and picked the corner restaurant that looked  most appealing. I’m glad to say, though, that we made the right decision because Cafe Colette is quiet, charming, and has great light fixtures (points for lights!). There is a really cute back garden patio and if we hadn’t been in such a rush (it was kind of a pit-stop) I would have spent more time snooping around. I had the grilled flatbread with kale, ricotta, and prosciutto. The burger looked great as well and the fries were on point. FYI, you can always tell if a place is good or bad almost instantly based on the fries. Also, after doing some research it looks like Cafe Colette has an amazing Instagram account, which I’m all about! I’m definitely coming back here for brunch.


BaubleBar Soho Event


Last night my friend and I went down to Soho for the BaubleBar career event co-hosted by The Daily Muse. Right now BaubleBar has a pop-up store in Soho, although I’m not sure how long it lasts. I’d been on the BaubleBar website before, but it was great to see their jewelry in person. There is a ton of cute stuff and it’s so inexpensive!! Well, not Forever 21-status inexpensive, but for someone who doesn’t like spending hundreds of dollars on jewelry I think they have some great deals. I didn’t see too many items, except for some customizable items, that were over $50. My friend and I checked out the jewelry, all whilst having Godiva cocktails (aka basically cups of plain chocolate flavored liquor – couldn’t finish that), and then shared some LOLs at the photo booth  Sorry, pictures from that are banned because they look like they’re from a fright festival. However, moral of the story: if you’re looking for some cool and fun accessories, check out BaubleBar!

IMG_4817 IMG_4813

This is What Happens When I Get Bored With Instagram

From time to time I get bored with Instagram (shocking, I know). Last summer my friend showed me an app called Cinemagram where you create GIFs and can put filters on them. There are different functions where you can have only one or two items moving but I am not that advanced yet. It’s baby steps over here. Here are some of the Cinemagrams (or Cines, as the app calls them) I have made this past week. AKA this is what happens when you have nothing to do on a summer Friday!!!! Also, I’m not sure why these are so small.

fire umbrellas Whisk

I ♥ Beer: Brooklyn Brewery


I don’t think I ever really liked beer until I went to Brussels when I was studying abroad. I went to a few tiny breweries and then the Delirium Bar, which has around 2,500 kinds of beer on tap (it was here where I tried a cactus beer!). Since then my beer horizons have been widely broadened and it has become a true interest to me. A couple weeks ago I finally did a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery in, you guessed it…Brooklyn! BK Brewery is home to one of my favorite beers of all time (Summer Ale – buy it ASAP) so going there has been on my t0-do list for about a year. We did a beer tasting of four different kinds of beers, including the Scorcher #366, which is a limited edition. The tasting was really informative and was followed by a quick tour. Then we were left to purchase more beer. Brooklyn Brewery is open to the public on weekday evenings for tours only. It’s open generally on weekends, but I definitely recommend doing the tour. I learned a lot about the beer and you even get a free Brooklyn Brewery glass! Who doesn’t want more glassware to add to their growing collections?…

IMG_4802 IMG_4805 IMG_4804 IMG_4803 IMG_4806

Countdown to Summer


I know this is super cliché, but I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of summer. I feel like I spend all year waiting for this day to come. Well, maybe it just feels this way after a particularly miserable winter weather-wise. I don’t have any big plans except to go to Cape Cod and the beach as many times as possible (I need that Vitamin D fix). New York can get excruciatingly hot but I want to enjoy as much time as possible outside before it’s too painful. I also want to try making a lot of new foods, including a fresh berry tart with vanilla cream, summer basil lemonade, and a caprese salad.

Strawberry Fields Forever


My sister’s birthday was last weekend so we went strawberry picking together. I love picking food, which sounds weird, but something about getting fresh vegetables and fruit is so much more appealing. Especially after tasting the difference between fresh and store bought strawberries. Afterwards, my sister and I split a strawberry shortcake – in my opinion, one of the most underrated desserts. My next goal is to look for some great farms in the Hudson Valley so I can go for a spur of the moment farm visit.