Madison Square Eats: Eating Forever


One of the most important things I have learned so far is that, problematic or not (it depends how you see it), food festivals are one of my biggest enjoyments. I was so psyched when my fab friend Lamia told me about Madison Square Eats, which, if you can guess, takes place is Madison Square Park every day in May. Madison Square Eats is amazing. In similar scale to Smorgasburg, except with a more Y.P. scene, there is even an entire booth dedicated to being a bar. From gourmet burgers, to grilled cheese sandwiches, and a zillion types of cannolis there is literally something for everyone. After making rounds around the entire place several times and being super ADD, I finally tried Korean barbecue for the first time, and finished off with a Cinnemax ice cream sandwich (cinnamon ice cream between two snickerdoodle cookies) from Melt New York. Everything was amazing and I am still having dreams about the ice cream sandwich. As I type this, I sadly realize that tomorrow is the last day of May so Madison Square Eats will be over. However, most of the vendors are NYC based and Urban Space (which organizes Mad Sq. Eats) hosts several other festivals throughout the year.

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DIY: Instagram Coasters


It’s hard to say if I love anything more than 1. Instagram and 2. making random stuff. I constantly scan the Anthropologie website looking for coasters but, let’s face it, I’m poor. Naturally, as soon as I saw this post on Darkroom and Dearly about DIY Polaroid Coasters I wanted to make them. Instead of doing Polaroid-style pictures (seen in the blog post) I just used 4×4 Instagram pictures instead. I used the app PostalPix to get my pictures printed – it’s really cheap and easy – and I bought 4×4 ceramic tiles from Blick’s Art Supplies. All you need is the tiles, pictures, and some Mod Podge and you’re all good! I also used an acrylic sealer on mine so that they would last longer, and I’m thinking about corking the bottoms so they don’t scratch the table.

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Herbology Class: What Dreams Are Made Of


For those of you that don’t know what Herbology is, you are 1. a huge loser and 2. a true embarrassment to society. Herbology (the botany class in Harry Potter) took up a large part of my childhood. I was and still am obsessed with greenhouses because I always imagined what it would be like to join Harry, Hermione, and Ron in Professor Sprout’s class. I even considered taking Botany in college, but then I came back down to reality and realized it wouldn’t consist of battling massive Venus Fly Traps and pulling Mandrakes out of pots. Boring. This interest is weird, I know, but only mildly. So imagine my excitement when I visited Smith this weekend and discovered that they have massive greenhouses. Heaven!!! This feeling could also be paired by the fact that I live in a place that has limited nature sources. I could have spent hours lurking amongst the plants but I didn’t want to be too anti-social. The outcome is a billion random pictures of plants.

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Pesto Making: Attempt One


A few weekends ago I was extremely bored. I often think of myself as a young Julia Child (not), so I decided to spend my Saturday evening making pesto in the Magic Bullet my mom gave me. I used this lemon pesto recipe I found on Pinterest. It was surprisingly super easy, although I was low on pine nuts. Who knew they are so expensive?! I went to the grocery store, had a heart attack, and bought $2.00 worth – approximately ten nuts. Anyways, next time I’ll make sure I’m financially prepared to purchase pine nuts and maybe I’ll try a variation.


Restaurant: The Penrose


I have a confession to make. The first time I went to The Penrose, I went another two times afterwards in the same weekend. By the third time, I’m pretty sure the servers were thinking, “Who is this random chick I have seen literally every 12 hours this weekend and never before?” It was extra embarrassing but I’m not mad about it, especially because it has become a bright spot in an otherwise un-happening section of the city. The Penrose, similar to The Wren, serves trendy American-style comfort food and Gatsby-era cocktails (maybe it’s only the glasses they’re served in that makes me think that – see picture below). The inside is decorated with things I love – vintage typewriters, tiny glass jars with flowers, Bulleit Bourbon jugs for water…the list goes on. Sometimes I ponder taking the decorations for my own apartment (lol)!! While I have only been for brunch, the food is great. I have had the Eggs Benedict twice and a frisée salad with a poached egg on it. I tend to branch out a lot, clearly. The Bloody Mary’s are extra strong and spicy, the Ginger Lee’s extra gingery, and the beer list is extensive. Also, The Penrose is really fun at night and they have awesome pickle back shots. What’s not to like? After my three visit weekend extravaganza, I had to play it cool so I stayed away for several weeks. However, like a bad romance, The Penrose came calling again and we have been in love ever since.

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The Shoes I Can’t Wear


What does each of these ladies have in common?

  1. They are all celebrities.
  2. They are all wearing ankle strap sandals.
  3. They all look good wearing ankle strap sandals.

I, unfortunately, possess none of these qualities. I spent weeks obsessing over ankle strap sandals. I really wanted a pair, and I spent my days envisioning all of the outfits that I would be able to wear. However, lesson learned – ankle-strap sandals actually look horrible on my feet. I have encountered this issue many times; shoe shopping for prom, my cousin’s wedding, and the list goes on. Apparently, I have a problem and it’s called wide feet. Everyone thinks it’s so adorable, making jokes about my “square” feet but it is actually the bane of my existence. Recently, I must have convinced myself that I don’t have square feet and I ordered a pair of strappy sandals from Piperlime. They looked SO fugly. I literally went to 100 shoe stores trying on shoes and every pair looked terrible. Basically, the front of my foot couldn’t squeeze into the front strap, making my feet look like mini sausages. Gross. And of course, in each store there was a girl next to me trying on the same shoe and they looked amazing. I even asked about wide shoe sizes and barely anyone makes them!! It is so rude! After days of feeling depressed I have finally given up the idea that I will own a pair of these babies but I won’t let that rain on my parade. I am determined to find a pair of similar shoes. Potentially ones with closed toes.

Image via here.