Restaurant: Jin Sushi


My biggest problem with Jin Sushi is that it took me three months of living here to find out about their amazing happy hour special. Jin is in the Lower East Side and from 3:30-7 PM on weekdays and 12:30-7 PM on weekends there is an entire happy hour menu with everything for $3.50. That’s right, $3,50 tuna avocado rolls, age dashi tofu, beer, wine, you name it! Pitchers are also $10. I know $3.50 sushi sounds potentially sketch – trust me, cheap, bad sushi is my worst nightmare – but it’s actually heaven in roll form. I’m honestly shocked that more people don’t know about this place. Jin is so good that the night before Hurricane Sandy, my roommate and I headed there for a “last” sushi fix instead of, you know, making preparations for the massive approaching storm. Favorite options: spicy tuna crunch roll, spicy crab crunch roll, and the avocado salad (it’s huge). But really, everything is good. And where else can you get massive pitchers of Stella or Hoegaarden for $10?

Weekend Photos

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A few weeks ago was the first really nice weekend of the year. Interesting, since right now it’s currently hailing outside my window in mid-March. In our desperation to take advantage of the (fleeting) nice weather, my friend and I spent our Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn at Prospect Park. I’ve only been to BK a few times and never to the Prospect Heights area. I liked Prospect Park though and the highlight was a small farmers market that was selling cider donuts for 60 cents a.k.a. mahh faveee!!!

IMG_3794 IMG_3796  IMG_3799

F.N.O. No More?

Last week I received this email:

“After four exciting and successful years, Fashion’s Night Out will go on hiatus in the United States in 2013, in order to enable retailers to channel their resources to other priorities. The event will still be held in select international cities.”

Umm what? How could they cancel one of the greatest nights of fashion (and freebies) of the year? While my initial reaction was annoyance, I guess I understand why it’s taking a hiatus. Hopefully this will make 2014 that much better and I can rethink how I want to do F.N.O. Last September, my friend and I staked out a spot in SoHo after we got out of work and literally went to all the places that were offering free drinks/food/random stuff. I also got to see my hero in the flesh – RACHEL ZOE!! I’m thinking that if I ever did F.N.O. again it would have to be 1. not in SoHo because it’s way too crowded (obviously crowds can’t be completely avoided), and 2. more thought out so I actually had some kind of plan as to what stores I wanted to see. Below are some pics of F.N.O. 2012.

IMG_1998 IMG_1999 IMG_2004 IMG_2006 IMG_2009